Our Story




Originally, we wanted to treat cavities in children in low-middle income countries. There is nothing more powerful than a child’s smile.

But then we realized: treating cavities means the children are already infected. We wanted to address the problem at its source. 

Several studies show the value in hygiene education in terms of increasing a healthy and productive lives - we wanted to bring an innovative, evidence based AND sustainable model that we can use to achieve world wide health equity.

As dentists in training, we were first focused on cavities and oral health. Cavities are not genetic - they are preventable! We wanted to focus on education to prevent the disease before it attacks!

As we developed our models and collaborated with colleagues from every specialty, we realized oral health was not the only problem: low-middle income countries often have communicable diseases as a leading cause of morbidity and mortality!

We took to creating an innovative model of health delivery that would be replicable and automated in countries where computer and wi-fi access are limited. 

We had to combine a "need-based", custom health education program using research on top health issues in a country. So we took to it; we designed a program that we can use in primary schools through partnerships with local nonprofits that will select and observe the schools. We initiated the innovative model "Box For Health". 







Box For Health uses an automated delivery model that focuses short 10-15 minute lesson plans for the schools to carry out using the pre-existing school systems. We combine this education platform with a toothbrushing and handwashing program that teaches children about the importance of oral and general hygiene.

We see this as an innovative method to bring a generational shift in health - preventing disease and preventing the enormous burden to society that oral and general health diseases cause (financial, physical, behavioral, and more).

Our program needed us to use kits that contain toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and soap. Many companies donate supplies for this type of effort.

Here’s were we hit a BIG problem – then what? What do the children do with the plastic toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste and bottles of soap? Countries that struggle to feed and house their population rarely have robust recycling programs.

We asked ourselves:

How much good does a charity do that dumps 100,000 lbs of plastic into an impoverished nation? How much more does that plastic cost if we ship it to a recycling plant thousands of miles away? How can we allow these "unintended consequences" to take place?

We can't. 

That's when we came up with the "Box for Health" - a box with the ambitious task of transforming health education and hygiene practices in low-middle income nations using eco-friendly and sustainable methods. It's your money that makes it possible, and we are thrilled to have you with us! 

With every purchase, every donation, and every share, YOU help children in need. 

You are providing education that improves lives! Knowledge is multidimensional and a lack of knowledge on healthy living is absolutely detrimental to a child's success. We need YOU to drive us forward. 

To serve our mission of global health education for children, Box for Health combines health education with hygiene initiatives. Our model of action focuses on partnerships and sustainability. By partnering with local nonprofits and schools, we collaborate creating a more sustainable and scalable program. By partnering with us you make all of this work possible.

We visualize our impact to growing in an exponential fashion. We project that after our pilot year of serving 4000 children, we will grow to 10,000 children. Due to our uniquely cost efficient model, we project double the amount of children served each year.

Together we can change the world.