Why Box for Health


A wondrous life blossomed out through tough times.  This starlight of existence rose to heights of glam and fame.  Though her sophistication, elegance, and steadfast loveliness are what stood the most.  This woman was Audrey Hepburn and famously welcomed this thought into societies everlasting.


"As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others." - Audrey Hepburn, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.


I have volunteered with The Borgen Project, We Are From The Earth, and many other organizations.  Loving and wanting to spread love through the tasks involved, helping the establishment without a single thought of monetary value attached, and caring enough about others to bring such into the timeline of life is why I volunteer.

I have sent open-air treatment e-mails and holistic medicine e-mails throughout society to various cities and countries; in part to help awaken the proactive medicinal lifestyle that can beneficially welcome healthier days, especially in times of now.  Loving people is why I volunteer.


I have created many poetic written works, and one called "Humble Apologies" that apologized for any degrading thoughts towards females or looks any may have gotten throughout their life.  That one I hand out personally at times to random women, sent via USPS, and send a link to said writing to women I network with online.  Caring enough about people, even though I have done them no wrong, though an apology is maybe something that might be warranted for them is why I volunteer.

Now I embark on another volunteer adventure with Box for Health.  A warm hug in a cool breeze, this establishment opens its heart to people they have never met.  Though loving them enough to know this organization was needed.  Guiding healthier lifestyles and educating them on simplistic updates in their daily routines, that can save their lives is why I volunteer.


A box for health is symbolic in the tomorrows one can become within the present days. 


A box of love.

A box of help.

A box of hope.


Without non-profits like Box for Health, the help of love can never truly find its never-ending hope.  This is why I volunteer. 


To bring more love.

To bring more help.

To bring more hope.



I appreciate Box for Health and the compassionate love, help, and hope this business flourishes into the butterflying beauty within the soaring wings of life.




We, at Box for Health, believe that a single action can make a difference and through that collaborative enterprise, together we can impact the world. If you are interested in volunteer please say hello! Email your resume to info@boxforhealth.org