Why I Volunteer

Wealth is Not in the Money, It's in the Lives We Touch

While sitting in my living room in the effort to socially distance myself, I began looking for a quarantine project. It can be difficult to find ways to contribute to society in a way that is fulfilling and beneficial to the greater good. Volunteering is a great way to get involved and to create community while giving back in a multitude of ways.

Box for Health, Health equity for children, proven practices in education, together we can, Health innovation, transforming Health Education Shop to support, impact the world,empower our children, healthy bambooWith an educational background in writing, I found myself searching for virtual volunteer writing opportunities. Writing has been a cathartic experience for me and has led me to many new areas of learning and exploration into my own emotions and thinking. The hope of learning something new through a volunteer writing position was my guide when finding a position with Box for Health. My self-identity has largely been linked to my academics and work life, which has proven to be very stratified. I have pursued classes ranging from "Dreams and Poetry" to "Canadian Politics". Recently, my academics took me all the way to Senegal, where I was able to process my experiences into creative pieces. My jobs have ranged from childcare to internships in health policy. Through it all, writing has been the compass allowing me to follow curiosities in many different areas. Finding ways to integrate my passions in writing into a position of service was important to me. Writing for Box for Health has allowed me to promote a mission I wholeheartedly believe in while utilizing the skills I have honed in my academic pursuits. 

Entering the “real world” as a recent college graduate during a pandemic has been a daunting task. Hiring freezes and the scramble to readjust business practices have created very few available positions in workplaces I previously pictured myself. I had hoped to pursue jobs within our health system at any level that would give me on the ground experience and knowledge of how different health systems operate and what patients need organizationally to feel healthy and safe. With the hopes of attending graduate school in the future for public health, I wanted to experience the field to make sure it was the right route for me. The ability to plan for a future has flown out the window, as we are all learning how to cope with the devastation and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19. This uncertainty uprooted my mindset and encouraged me to look for service-oriented jobs I hadn’t considered. My background in volunteering and service led me to an Americorps position working with nutrition and sustainable food education. The tragedy created by this pandemic has made it difficult to find silver linings during this time, but service has been a great way for me to feel a sense of fulfillment.

Why Box for Health

After completing a writing internship in health policy last spring, public health became a top interest of mine. My collaborator, a former doctor and current health activist, and I worked to identify inequities within the health system and insurance programs to develop alternative plans that we then were able to share with health professionals. This encouraged a systems-oriented mindset that I wasn’t able to find in my creative writing pursuits. I felt like I could make larger-scale change while challenging my mind to work from a fact-based perspective. Box for Health focuses on preventative health measures by providing sustainable hygiene products and a supplementary education platform in low-middle income countries. When choosing how to give my time, Box for Health’s intentional approach to serving other countries immediately drew me in. On top of that, the team I get to work with is filled with motivated, service-minded individuals who make our collaborative work something I look forward to.

Why You Should Get Involved

Beyond the community and opportunity to serve a cause you support, volunteering is proven to have positive effects on your mental and physical well-being. The effects of stress, anger, and anxiety are counteracted with volunteering. Personally, volunteering has allowed me to feel a sense of purpose while building my self-confidence. Now, with such an emphasis on technology, you can volunteer with very little mobility. Volunteering will improve your life and the lives of others. Get involved today!




We, at Box for Health, believe that a single action can make a difference and through that collaborative enterprise, together we can impact the world. If you are interested in volunteer please say hello! Email your resume to info@boxforhealth.org