The Man Behind the Mission: Omar Harmouche

Through the eyes of a child. That openness. That imagination. That joyful upend that gifts the world such endearing curiosity. Though within those same traits, can come the future self, whose eyes and subconscious heart of thought, filter out to become what the world finds within the present times.


Omar Harmouche Box for Health

Omar, in his own words, was one of "three rowdy boys". That feisty mindset could have helped line the future paths within entrepreneurship, unwavering drive, and feistiness to grapple on. Not the only reason to become, and raise his life into such.


As a young child, he got to watch his dad be a fruits and vegetable salesman. A present he could have gotten to watch in an unending view. A different perspective, as a young one, to see the drive, tenacity, and never give up attitude that, at times, is required to thrive as a salesman.


With great gratitude, he specifies this about his parents "I watched my parents sacrifice almost everything to watch their children thrive.” Watched. Eyes viewing as a child the tireless sacrifice that love granted into his sights. Observation a tremendous education and learning classroom that can ignite the mind higher than a soaring wing.


As those eyes peered into his parents, who traveled aboard to bring them out of poverty, he watched his mother "a new teacher, juggled school, our safety, her job, and three rowdy boys – functioning as a single parent." A double dose of hard work, sacrifice, and unending love that kept their paths rolling down into the horizon's a better tomorrow.


Such a view that it heightened through into his adulthood to utter these words "it was more than anyone could ask for".  That his the mindset that his child-like view bloomed out to feel.


Observations present unwrapped into seconds of the times beyond.


Through his childhood experiences, living through the eyes of observation of his parents, and also through the war-torn country, had lasting impressions on him as he specified "The challenges of living in a war-torn country had enormous impacts on our daily routine and wellbeing".




Something that remained leeched into his thoughts, as a part of his mission in life, was to support the health and well-being of others.  That love bloomed out within his own heartfelt words "My personal mission is to support the health and well-being of communities that are disproportionately burdened by health disparities through innovations in public health practice and integration of public health and dentistry in communities that currently lack access.".


A pulse that thrives his life and indwelled into him through the observations and well-being of his yesteryears.  A mission that drove him to flower out to become a "DMD/MPH candidate at Tufts University".  Paying homage to where all these traits flourished in with a campaign to promote oral health within Lebanon.  "In Lebanon, more than 90% of children under 14 suffer from untreated dental caries in Lebanon.", and with stats like this thrown out into society's thoughts, his compassionate heart raised to do such an initiative.


That is where another ingredient of his life trodded out into the atmosphere of life, and that was the inspiration of his mother.  Instilling in him that "...although it may not be easy to make sacrifices, the ones that are worth it will generally make a difference that is almost always greater than what was originally expected."; and obviously, oral health became one that was worth it.

A mission to inspire other's well-being through dedicated work ethic, unwavering love for one's countrymen and women, and the views of the past that continue to hold a place in his heart within the days of the presents beyond.


That beyond intertwined with a Box for Health. Simple in its essence, though beyond worth the gift it presents to children of Lebanon. Awakening a trait instilled in him by his dad, a part of his life's goal was to travel back abroad, to his home country, within such a charitable gift, to help people get out of oral poverty.

4 elements that gifted the world Omar's todays:

  • Observation
  • Well-being
  • Mission
  • Inspiration

Observing other's well-being, became the mission of his inspiration. Many ingredients that became a part of the recipe of Omar's existence. A recipe that's delicious kindness, and care, slice out a part of itself with every inspirational mission that observes the better well-being of others.