Meet Julie Lattouf – People Operations


Here at Box for Health we are so lucky to have Julie to care for each of us on an individual level. Julie manages the people working for Box for Health with grace. This ability is innate, but doesn’t come without an impressive background with varying roles and life experiences that have allowed Julie to be an effective leader. 

Julie is a first generation American, whose parents immigrated from Lebanon. When asked about her childhood, Julie recalls summers spent in Lebanon, which formulated many of the passions she holds currently. During these summers, Julie remembers feeling heartbroken by children lining highways to sell various goods. She wondered why they weren’t in school, and contemplated the roles that those children had to take on earlier than any child should. This brought to light the realization that all children deserve the opportunity for a bright future. Children cannot be blamed for being born into poverty.  

Julie initially decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in health and nutrition. She sites her own struggle with obesity and poor health education during her youth as a factor in this pursuit. After spending time in this field, the lack of continuity within the narrative surrounding nutrition redirected her focus towards consumer behavior, contemplating how to influence people to take an interest in their own health and habits. After receiving her undergraduate in marketing, she ultimately pursued a Masters in Business Administration with a focus in International Management and Entrepreneurship. Julie emphasizes her passion for caring about employees and coworkers on a human level. She understands the importance of being able to grow within your work environment and the value of human connection in all facets of life.   

Julie spent time working in a hospital in Boston doing international finance. She was able to help bring international children to major Boston hospitals so they could receive procedures. During her time in healthcare finance, Julie realized there was an inequity in the service and treatment patients received based on their health insurance, coverage, or how much they were able to pay out of pocket. This solidified Julie’s interest in addressing health inequities. Wanting to work more directly with human connections, Julie started her own consulting firm, where she taught businesses how to cultivate positive employee relationships. She was then recruited by a company as the executive assistant for employee relations. This position was Julie’s dream job, but after losing it due to the pandemic, Julie stayed optimistic for future opportunities. 

These circumstances brought on by COVID-19 led Julie to Box for Health. Julie was recruited as the Director of People Operations. This role is the culmination of Julie’s desire to provide health education to youth, to address health inequality, and for creating a healthy working environment. From here, Julie hopes to be able to help thousands of children attain the health and hygiene education they deserve, expanding Box for Health’s reach day by day.

It is a joy to collaborate with the Box for Health team, and this positive environment certainly would not be the same without Julie’s enthusiasm and drive.